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We strive every day to deliver the best quality products and to please our clients. Your statisfaction is our duty, your success is our goal.

As our customers face increasing demands for custom raw wood products and responsive turnaround, we have risen to the challenge with a scalable catalog of value-added services. 

From full machine shop capabilities and plywood cutting to just-in-time deliveries, warehousing and logistics services across the Midwest, we are tooled to help both you AND your customer succeed in today’s competitive market.

Cutting, machining & laminating

Cut time and expense: take advantage of our robust machine shop capabilities to tool your raw wood materials and components to custom specifications. Our services also include high pressure laminating and edge banding.

Capabilities include:

  • Custom cut plywood and particleboard (cut to size)
  • CNC machining of sheet goods and components
  • Custom molding and profiling capabilities
  • Packaging components (skids, runners, etc)

Expedited deliveries, logistics & warehousing

Sometimes your customers’ success depends on getting parts quickly. We offer just-in-time delivery for those situations when timing is critical.

For manufacturers looking for ways to run leaner, our warehousing, robust logistics network, vendor managed inventories (VMI), and packaging services offer a simple way to streamline your operations. With warehouses across the Midwest, we are experts in logistics. We are tooled to help you move and deliver products across the Midwest quickly and cost-effectively.

Value-added services include:

  • Just-in-time deliveries
  • Logistics & warehousing locations throughout Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Minnesota
  • Vendor managed inventories (VMI)
  • Packaging services
High Pressure Laminating
CNC Machining
Edge Banding
Vendor Managed Inventories
Machine Shop Capabilities
Just-in-time Deliveries
Reduce Inventory Dollars
Reduce Lead Times


Premwood offers a variety of warehouse locations throughout the midwest which provide manufacturers with reliable inventory management programs

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